Jordan Nelson on the value of creating a personal brand and how to get started at any level of Salesforce experience [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by USA based Senior Applications Administrator, Jordan Nelson on the topic of content and personal branding.

Jordan shares how he first became a part of the Salesforce ecosystem and what his personal journey has looked like, as well as why he decided to document his journey, and share it with others.

He explains how to get started with selecting your topics even if you’re a Salesforce beginner, the automation tools that he recommends for efficiency, and the many benefits of cultivating a personal brand.

People can sometimes be hesitant of sharing online, due to fears of being negatively received, and Jordan opens up on his own experiences, and the best way to deal with this mindset, and how to approach any less than positive exchanges.

As a person passionate about digital innovation, Jordan talks us through the various social platforms which he holds in high regard and why, as well as the newer platforms that he’s experimenting with, both as a content creator and consumer in his day to day life. Are you using these?

Jordan has some exciting plans for the future which he shares in the episode, and so do make sure you’re following him on LinkedIn, and that you subscribe to his YouTube channel and podcast, Head In The Clouds.

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