Ben Edwards on his journey to CTA and the New Zealand Salesforce market [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode we’re joined by New Zealand based Salesforce CTA and Partner at Deloitte Digital, Ben Edwards.
We were fascinated to hear his background and experience within a varied range of Salesforce markets, as Ben’s Salesforce skills enabled him to continue to build his career when he moved to London for a two year period. He talks us through the differences and similarities to the ANZ market, and how the exposure pushed his development ever further.
Having passed the CTA Review Board, Ben talked us through what the path to CTA looked like for him, how he identified his own gaps and successfully bridged them, and how others can look to do the same.
Ben gives us some great insight into the New Zealand market, a snapshot of what the lifestyle is like there, and how the transferable skills you can develop in NZ could take you all over the world.
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