What is the most challenging role to recruit for, in the Salesforce ecosystem?

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“What is the most challenging role to recruit for, in the Salesforce ecosystem?”

We get asked this question frequently, and the answer can be quite complex.

The honest answer that we have to give you, is that it depends – but we’ll clarify as best we can for you. If we put variables aside, which have an impact (location, which company is hiring, employment type, etc) then broadly the core Salesforce roles where we are currently receiving the most demand and where we are most often seeing Salesforce hiring managers facing the greatest challenges are as follows at the time of writing in October 2020..

Senior Salesforce Developer

This tends to be the most in-demand skillset, and also the market where contract roles are most prevalent. Pretty much every type of company in the Salesforce ecosystem recruits Salesforce Developers, and so end customers are competing with Salesforce Partners and ISV’s. We will add to this point to explain that hiring for Salesforce Developers becomes even more challenging when you are looking for someone with broader technology/Software Engineering skills. As you can see, there a few different factors here that contribute to these roles being tricky.

Salesforce Architect (All types) 

Technical Architect, Solution Architect, Platform Architect, Program Architect – whatever it is that you’re looking to recruit for, if that role is an Architect of any kind, then it’s not going to be easy. Salesforce itself plays a role in this too, as that’s where a lot of Architects want to work, and also an area where Salesforce hire quite regularly themselves. This means that you’re competing with a business which is voted one of the world’s Best Companies to Work For, year after year. As you can imagine, this adds a layer of challenge which is important to understand when you’re considering your own proposition for a new hire of this type.

Salesforce Functional Consultant

Attracting an experienced Functional Consultant with good BA skills, strong Salesforce platform knowledge, and a good level of business acumen, is often challenging. This group of talent can have different motivations to perhaps, you’re Senior Salesforce Developer, and so it’s important to understand what attracts them, what detracts them, and what will inspire and motivate them in joining you for the next step in their professional journey.

There are steps that you can take to make attracting and hiring good quality talent from these hard to find groups listed above, and they won’t necessarily be the same steps for each. We delve into some of the deeper motivations, and track and measure changes in our annual Salesforce Market Survey, and so make sure you arm yourself with the most current data here.

There are obviously many challenges that come with looking to hire the niche, more product focussed skill sets (CPQ, FSL etc), but based on volume of requirements that we see we have not focussed on product specialisms.

We hear from guests from the talent groups above weekly on the Talent Hub Talk Salesforce podcast, and so it’s invaluable to hear from them directly, by tuning in each Wednesday.

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