Salesforce Developer/Technical Lead/Architect – Perth – Permanent

  • Huge, career defining Salesforce projects commencing in WA
  • You will be given a real taste of what it takes to become a CTA
  • Opportunity for you to relocate to beautiful WA, working remotely from your current state until the borders open

If you are a Salesforce Developer, Technical Lead or Architect reading this, I know what you are thinking:

“I want to move to Perth”

I don’t blame you. Perth has 317 people per square kilometre compared to 430 in Sydney and 453 in Melbourne. We all want a bit more space, and you can find it in Perth.

The sun is shining in Perth today, as it is on most days. The annual average temperature is 18.7 °C, so I get why you want to get out of Sydney (17.6 °C) or why you want to leave your coat in Melbourne (14.8 °C).

So what has been stopping you from moving to Perth in the past? It’s the lack of Salesforce projects on the West coast, right? Well I have a huge project for you to jump straight into, and many more to follow.. so now there is nothing stoping you. The first project is one of the ones you have been waiting for, that will give you a real taste of what it takes to become a CTA, and a project that all your old colleagues in Sydney or Melbourne are going to be jealous of.

The current border closures aren’t going to stop you from making your move to Perth a reality, but you will likely be working remotely for the time being, from another state in Australia.

Move to Perth for the space, sun and career defining Salesforce projects. Give me a call on 0405 838 965.