Gemma Blezard on launching a business in the Salesforce ecosystem and building a new home for Architects [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we reconnect with UK-based Solution Architect, Gemma Blezard, who is the Founder and CEO of The Architech Club, and Founder of the movement which is regularly mentioned on Talent Hub Talk; Ladies Be Architects.

Gemma, two years on from our last podcast episode at Dreamforce 2018, has achieved even more in the world of Salesforce since that point. She shares all the details of the business launch of The Architech Club, how she finds being a business owner, and how the business is providing value to their clients.

We discuss the role of the Architect, and how it continues to evolve over the years. We talk about why it’s important to have the right Architect in place, and the value of having a sounding board when going through a Salesforce transformation.

Gemma shares how she has approached building a team and getting the right people into place to scale effectively, and how she has managed the challenges of the COVID environment.

We talk about Ladies Be Architects, the future plans for the group, and how it’s expanded into other areas recently, including the ANZ region, with ambassadors, Vickie Jeffery, Adrienne Cutcliffe and Emily Hay.

Gemma is very active on social media and a generous contributor to the ecosystem. Make sure you’re following her on LinkedIn and Twitter, and check out her website for articles and information, as well as The Architech Club and Ladies Be Architechs channels:

The Architech Club website

The Architech Club on LinkedIn

Ladies Be Architects website

Ladies Be Architects on LinkedIn

Ladies Be Architects podcast

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