Brooks Johnson on pivoting from a career in the military to Salesforce Development [VIDEO]

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Brooks Johnson, who is a Senior Salesforce Developer and creator of the Brooks Johnson Salesforce Developer YouTube channel, based in the US.  

Brooks comes from a non-technical background, having served in the US military for a number of years, and so his story is particularly interesting. He shares how he first became acquainted with Salesforce, the concept of coding, and the Developer career path that he set his sights on.  

We discuss which tools and resources he used to upskill, and which of those he’d recommend to others in a similar position with the ambition to pivot into a Salesforce career, particularly within the development space.   

Brooks is a passionate and skilled content creator, and we enjoyed finding out more about the topics he covers on his YouTube channel and how they can help others. He’s had an inspiring career path since becoming a Salesforce Developer, and we talk about the opportunities which have come to him, and his plans for the future.  

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We hope you enjoy the episode!

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